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Working to end homelessness by providing solid ground for stability, education and re-connection to those without a foundation.

"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."

Rev. Jesse Jackson

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We are humanity coming together for a common goal, lending our areas of expertise to provide an unshakable foundation for the chronically homeless to have more than a place to rest. It all begins with "A Place of Their Own."

From social services to drug and alcohol treatment and prevention programs, to financial counseling and emphasis on healthy life choices. we have experts in place to provide an opportunity for successful independent living.

Social Services,  Counseling, and Life Coaching

A foundation starts with identifying those in need and guiding them from a life lived in the shadows to one fulfilled and self-directed. Not everyone has the same needs or goals. Homeless individuals are a diverse population as are the communities that try to care for them.  The priority must always be the individual and providing a stable home from which he/she can move forward with options and opportunities. 

Mental Health Services

For many of the chronically homeless, mental health issues and drug and/or alcohol abuse are a big roadblock on the road to success. Often there is a home but no support, or there is support for these issues but no home. We endeavor to provide both so that successful independent living is attainable and sustainable.

Health and Wellness

Many of the chronically homeless have undiagnosed and untreated underlying illnesses. Either they haven't had the means to seek treatment ,or, haven't felt deserving enough to ask for help. We will offer regular health screening, assistance with medical appointments, assistance with prescription scheduling, AA /NA meetings and individualized triage and wellness education. We will also offer a dietary consult and provide healthy eating workshops to  encourage meeting nutritional needs, and medical management of diseases such as diabetes.  We endeavor to enable and empower individuals to maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible. 

Financial Guidance and Benefits Assistance

We can help with applications for benefits and can also assist in setting up bank accounts, developing strategies for financial success and create budgets to work within limited incomes.  We will also partner with Social Services to make sure our clients have access to all possible resources to ensure success.  From applying for student loans to navigating state and federal benefits, we have the tools to make finances easily understood and motivating to individuals who have not been able to succeed before.

Job Search and Community Volunteering Assistance

Becoming a productive citizen, either by joining the workforce, learning new skills, finishing a GED program, or volunteering are great ways to re-connect with the community. We are ready to provide support to those who need assistance in fulfilling a stated purpose or a life calling and encourage self-determination.

A Home

More than a shelter, more than a friend or family members home, more than a sidewalk under an awning. A safe place to sleep, to keep your things, receive mail and feel secure. There is no substitute for having a place of your own. This is where the real foundation starts. A no strings attached safe harbor. The only requirements will be abiding by basic tenancy rules and responsibility of payment of low income rent. Our Financial Services office or Social Services office will be ready to assist each person individually according to his/her situation. 

Volunteer. Donate. Be a part of something great. 

Our goal is to raise enough funds to renovate a property to house 100 people who are now living on the streets of San Antonio. Donations to Blessed Ground are an investment in the well-being of our fellow brothers and sisters, They are also an investment in our community, because to give someone a "hand up", is to allow him/her the opportunity to become a productive member of our community providing the connectedness that brings someone from the depths of despair to a life fulfilled. 


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